The purpose of the TrAF-Cloud project is to provide the architectural basis for trucks that can efficiently and effectively integrate cloud services, including future third-party services. To this end, the project aims at designing a common reference on-board and off-board architecture that enables seamless and transparent allocation and execution of truck functions.

The goals of the project are:

  • The project will create and demonstrate a reference platform that integrates on-board and off-board functionality.
  • The utilisation of in-vehicle computation power will decrease for a certain class of applications (to be identified in the project) while maintaining adequate responsiveness with unchanged or increased quality of service.
  • The integration lead times will decrease with several orders of magnitude for certain functionality.
  • The project will demonstrate and evaluate the viability of a business-oriented ecosystem for transport solution services.
The duration of the project is April 1 2019 – March 31 2022.
The funding sources are Vinnova, 50% and the project partners, 50%.